About Us

Our story begins with a trip from our family cat, Monia. Monia is a 12 year old Himalayan, who loves staying at the environment that he is comfortable and used to. My parents left out of town and left Monia for us to watch over him. In his 2 week visit, he was vomiting daily and overall just nervous and anxious from being in a new place.

After a few days of him throwing up daily, we were very concerned and didn't know how to help him. 

A friend recommended hemp oil. I was a little afraid to give it to Monia, because I have never given him hemp oil and was unsure on how to properly use it. We went to the local pet store and asked their staff about the best options. 

It was surprising to see how expensive store's were selling hemp oil. When I came home I did additional research on hemp oil and found that it is possible to create a great quality product as well at an affordable price, however it was not on the market yet. 

The hemp oil really did help Monia calm down and be comfortable. We set out on a mission to allow other pet owners to try out high quality hemp oil at a reasonable price to be able to help their beloved pets live a happy, healthy, and relaxed lifestyle.